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WELCOME ♥ Hello, my name is Sofia, I am 21 years old and I am Colombian. , I love my family, they are the most important thing in my life. I am a world traveler who enjoys food and everything that makes me happy. The people around me call me weird, sweet, extroverted and affectionate. ♥ Every good place has RULES ♥ First of all I'm here to make a living. This is my full-time job, so do not be an IDIOT and start a drama, will you be expelled? * Do not tell me what to do * * Do not make me feel uncomfortable * * Do not beg, curse or insult * * Do not be calm (A quiet room is the worst) * Do not talk about things that make others feel uncomfortable * * No mentions nothing private if it is something negative * * Always say hello (it seems very rude if you come to my room and do not talk to me) * Do not be rude and think that this is your room if you are not on my computer I do not like control of people or idiots * * If you can not contribute / tip then it's fine, just be nice and hang out. * Please, do not complain about your money problem. Nobody likes to read all these things and it makes the room look bad. * Supplications are not rude to Bella. * I do not talk about my personal life so please do not ask. * Follow these simple rules and everything will be fine. * Failure to follow certain marked rules could result in a Prohibition. Without exceptions.



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